Our Concierge Service_P & B Silence_ is the result of a 15 years experience in the world of events, real estate, sport, cinema and international jet-set. Our mission is to give satisfaction to our customers and to ensure them discretion, safety and exclusiveness through a unique and tailor-made experience. Whatever it
deals with: for the fun of a culinary journey, find out exceptional places or experience new sensations,
our goal is to get you satisfied in an elegant way full of charm.

Beyond luxury, our Concierge Service provides you with a tailor-made service in harmony with your expectations, your desires and your dreams.

As creators of emotions, we make sure that each of our services embodies excellence and uniqueness thanks to our three founding pillars: EXPERIENCE, PASSION, VISION.


When able to adapt, communicate and highlight internal resources become synonymous with competitiveness.

The economy has evolved, so have the companies.

Internal communication, team building and coaching are as many elements that happened
to become essential to coordinate skills and teams within a group.

Thus, we carry out your events in line with your values in a setting conducive to your success.


In the entertainment industry, our wide network and influence will make you feel as privileged.

From the Formula1 paddocks of the Monaco Grand Prix to the most prestigious receptions
in Paris and in the French Riviera including the steps of the Cannes Film Festival, the beauties
from Corsica and the Fashion Week. Everything will be possible as long as you can figure it out.

If you want to experience a unique and genuine moment, we can also set your event up
which will make your senses as well as your guests delighted.


Combining mobility with comfort and safety is our priority.

The quality of our transport services we offer is one of our specific features.

Indeed, we are endowed with our own entity, Galaxy Travel, specialized in passenger transport. From the sedan to the 5-class Mercedes, our fleet will meet your needs. More than just a trip,
we are dealing with a special care
. Our drivers are carefully chosen according to their technical and human skills in order to provide you with an optimal service. Moreover, they are trained
to transport disabled people. Our services are also performed in the air and on the sea.


Entrepreneur? Investor? Eager to broaden your network to create and bring about new opportunities?

We will study your file and we will put you in contact with the right people at the right time

and in the right place, according to your business.

Our influential network, composed of presidential and royal families, industrialists and entrepreneurs, covers Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.


«It’s kind of fun to do the impossible» -Walt Disney


Paul Bebga-CEO : 00 33 6 62 64 61 20

Menegalli Matthieu -  Exécutive Office: 00 33 6 82 72 91 28


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